• Superior components
  • Excellent build quality
  • Colour consistency across strip
  • Accessories available for easy installation

Integral LED strips are produced to a high standard to ensure consistency in colour across the strip, and are available in indoor (IP33) and outdoor (IP67) versions. IP67 strip has high-quality silicone that encapsulates the strip, providing excellent water-resistance whilst maintaining consistent light output and colour.

Each 5m reel is supplied with an easy-to-follow installation guide and appropriate fitting accessories for the LED strip. 3M backing tape is pre-applied to all Integral strips to simplify the installation process. Additional accessories are available, to suit specific installation requirements.

LED Strips are for decorative use (accent lighting, path or step lighting and edge lighting) or for use as ambience lighting.

Every LED strip lighting project is different and the effect and look that an installation creates will very much depend on how it is installed and which LED strip light is chosen.

The various factors to consider when selecting the LED strip light are the colour temperature of the LED on the strip, the size of the LEDs and the number of LEDs per meter. For further advice and detail on these factors please read our Which Strip? page.

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