At Integral LED, we want to make sure that any business can switch on to the energy saving benefits of LED lighting. To do this, we realise the importance of releasing products that are built to last in a wide range of environments.

Any IP65 rated lamp or fitting is water, vapour and dust proof. The new Integral LED tri-proof battens are also corrosion proof, as there are no metallic components in the casing of the luminaire. This is Ideal for facilities where steam and moisture are inevitable.

"Unlike many suppliers, I can’t remember ever having a poor lamp from Integral- Very positive feedback from Lux Review journalist Alan Tulla, who in a recent review of LED light bulbs from top brands in the industry, rated our Filament style GLS lamp 4 stars – equal best out of 10 different lamps.

In addition to our recently launched range of emergency lighting products, Integral LED are bringing the efficiency and aesthetic benefits of LED to the humble but vital emergency exit sign.

The last year has been incredibly busy for Integral LED. We have launched many exciting new products and branched out into sectors such as industrial and emergency lighting.

For a comprehensive overview of our entire product range, our new 2017 Integral LED Brochure is the best place to look. This 56 page document will be a valuable companion for anyone looking for the energy-saving, reliability and aesthetic benefits that Integral LED products have to offer.

As emergency lighting is vital for any workplace or public building, Integral LED are pleased to release this simple device that could turn your existing lighting setup into effective emergency lighting.

The Integral LED Spacelux High Bay is a major step forward for LED high bay lighting that needs to be seen (or rather held) to be believed. While the tough body of the luminaire carries an impressive IK09 rating it only weighs 3.85kg!

The Spacelux is certainly bright at 20,960 lumens, but the polycarbonate diffuser makes the light surprisingly soft, with low glare. A specially designed driver virtually eliminates flicker. At 160W, the Spacelux runs at a very efficient 131 lm/W.

The new range of Integral LED IP65-rated PAR38 lamps have been designed for use in outdoor areas such as gardens, country parks and estates. By installing these lamps in an appropriate fitting you can illuminate feature-points like flowerbeds, trees, statues and walls.

Integral IP65 PAR38 lamps are available in a high CRI warm white, as well as a range of coloured lights – red, green, blue and amber - for attractive accent lighting.

Please note that these lamps must be placed in a suitable IP65-rated fitting to be placed outdoors.

If you’re looking to install some strip lighting in your home or business but find yourself confused when it comes to pairing the right strip to the right driver, we understand. This is why, for convenience, we have created a range of Strip and Driver kits that give you the right strip and driver in one package.

Our latest kits are available in a range of colour temperatures from Warm White (3000K) to Cool Daylight (6500K) and all offer the light equivalent of 40W for only 6W.

The DALI control system is a popular choice for building-wide lighting control, based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface international standard. DALI offers a great deal of lighting automation and monitoring functionality.

Three recent additions to Integral LED’s growing range of panel luminaires are compatible with the DALI control system. This allows them to be dimmed, controlled and monitored through a DALI control scheme, making them ideal for large scale lighting automation setups.

The compact, tapered design of Integral LED’s new G4 and G9 lamps allow them to fit easily into any existing G4 and G9 fittings, where earlier, bulkier LED lamps might have fit awkwardly or looked unsightly.

Ranging from 1.1-2W, the new Integral LED G4 and G9 lamps are far more efficient than the halogen lamps they are designed to replace.  With Warm and Cool White colour temperatures available, Integral LED have the right G4 or G9 lamp for your needs.