Andrew Gooding, our resident Tech Guru and Compliance Manager, recently sat with A1 Lighting Magazine to discuss the challenges and benefits of re-thinking familiar designs for an LED age.

Integral LED will challenge the way you think about fire rated downlights
The familiar fire rated downlight, a toolbox essential for electricians and lighting designers, has been re-engineered for the LED age, bringing a bevy of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Sunset, Integral LED’s popular range of Vintage Decorative filament lamps, has expanded to include dimmable models that can be dialled down to a gentle warm glow, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in any hospitality business or in your home.

The filament LED technology paired with amber glass gives these lamps a classic vintage look reminiscent of very early tungsten bulbs. This aesthetic has proven very popular in many businesses – particularly restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Every light in your house should work with you to create a pleasing environment while cutting your energy costs. To this end Integral LED continue to release LED products that can retrofit common fittings that many of you will have in your house. Our latest addition to the family is a pair of GX53 lamps that will be ideal for lighting your kitchen units and display cabinets.

To give you precise control over the colour of your accent lighting, we have released two new remote control units to be paired with our RGB or RGBW LED strips.

By using the handy colour wheel and the face buttons on the remote you can change the colour and brightness of your strip as well as the speed of your dynamic lighting mode.

Each remote is packaged with an easy-to-install RF receiver.

Relux are world leaders in producing lighting planning software and lighting search engines. As such, they work with many major lighting companies to allow lighting designers and architects to visualise their lighting solutions.

The full range of Integral lamps and luminaires is now updated with Relux, so users can meticulously plan and design their lighting setup with accurate representations of Integral LED products.

You can see Integral LED on the Relux website here.

Integral LED are delighted to announce that two of our GLS lamps have been granted BEST BUY status from Which? in the latest update to their Best Buy Lightbulbs listing.

One of the biggest energy-efficiency success stories from Integral LED so far is the Convergys call-centre in Belfast. By switching their lighting setup to Integral LED, this leading provider of Customer Management solutions is able to make massive savings on their yearly energy cost while greatly improving the environment for 2,500 staff over two sites.

If you’re looking to pick up the ideal solution for illuminating a room or corridor at night, you may be able to pick it up when you’re next shopping on your local High Street.

Anybody could be forgiven for assuming that in order for a downlight to be fire-rated, it must also have a high Ingress-Protection rating. This is not the case. Some Fire Rated downlights on the market are rated as low as IP20, making them unsuitable for areas such as bathrooms. All Integral LED Fire Rated downlights are rated IP65.