Whether you have a question about lighting or you want to look at some exciting new products, the Integral LED Youtube channel is a great place to start.

"If you want a really low energy panel with good light output, this should be at the top of your list."

These compact and contemporary luminaires are offered in a wide variety of styles, allowing homeowners to create and customise their ideal outdoor lighting setup.

Whether you are looking for super-efficient panels for an office retrofit, easy-to-install Fire Rated downlights for your kitchen, spotless LED strips for seamless accent lighting, or tough but beautiful designer outdoor luminaires - you will find the ideal products in the new Integral LED product brochure. 

Integral's new Spotless Strip creates the effect of one seamless beam of light

With the Performance Flex Downlight, you choose the finish

This new downlight pairs luxury light quality with a simple installation system and a wide choice of ‘twist and lock’ bezels to allow lighting designers and domestic customers alike to customise the ideal look for their ceilings.

The time has come to replace your first generation LED panels.

A bold claim, perhaps, but one that Andrew Gooding, Technical & Compliance Manager at Integral LED has made to the readers of A1 Lighting Magazine in their October issue.

To bring an ornate touch of class to your home lighting, the new Integral LED Flame Tip and Twisted candle filament Omni Lamps look fantastic in chandelier style fittings and table lamps.

If you want to bring a cozy atmosphere to your home or restaurant, the Integral LED WarmTone spotlight will match your mood at the twist of a dimmer switch.

G9 fittings are often used in beautiful decorative fittings that act as a centrepiece to a living or dining room, where creating the right ambience is crucial. Until recently, customers looking for dimmable G9 capsule lamps had to opt for halogen, which was not only inefficient, but carried other safety and reliability concerns. This is why Integral LED have released their new Dimmable 3W G9 lamps.