From the 1st of September, halogen light bulbs will be banned across Europe, with only remaining stocks allowed to be sold. It is estimated that a wholesale move from halogen to LED will prevent more than 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

In one of our more inspiring case studies, one couple achieved their goal of "off-the-grid" living in their stunning self-built eco-house with more than a little help from Integral LED candle lamps and flexible strip. 

Two Integral LED GLS Lamps have recently been granted the coveted honour of BEST BUY accreditations from consumer news and advice network Which? This brings our total number of Best Buys to eleven, more than any other LED lighting manufacturer.

Which? judged the following products as BEST BUY:

To bring an ornate touch of class to your home lighting, the new Integral LED Flame Tip and Twisted candle filament Omni Lamps look fantastic in chandelier style fittings and table lamps.

If you want to bring a cozy atmosphere to your home or restaurant, the Integral LED WarmTone spotlight will match your mood at the twist of a dimmer switch.

G9 fittings are often used in beautiful decorative fittings that act as a centrepiece to a living or dining room, where creating the right ambience is crucial. Until recently, customers looking for dimmable G9 capsule lamps had to opt for halogen, which was not only inefficient, but carried other safety and reliability concerns. This is why Integral LED have released their new Dimmable 3W G9 lamps.

Integral LED recently helped the wonderful street food vendors at Kerb Food in London's world famous Camden Market to make the colour of their delicious wares as vibrant as possible to passing customers.

Today we are delighted that Lux Review have awarded us with a favourable 4 Star review!

Here at Integral LED we have been delighted to see the response to our new Evofire Fire Rated Downlight. The ‘canless’ open design has been welcomed with open arms by wholesalers and consumers alike, who love both the aesthetics and the practicality of this UK designed product.

There is one question that we have received quite a few times, however;

What is the best lamp to use with Evofire?

Sunset, Integral LED’s popular range of Vintage Decorative filament lamps, has expanded to include dimmable models that can be dialled down to a gentle warm glow, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in any hospitality business or in your home.

The filament LED technology paired with amber glass gives these lamps a classic vintage look reminiscent of very early tungsten bulbs. This aesthetic has proven very popular in many businesses – particularly restaurants, bars and coffee shops.